Amazing, rarely seen Disneyland construction footage

From the 2011 D23 expo, here's a one-hour presentation by Imagineer Tony Baxter of a trove of vintage, rarely/never seen footage documenting the construction and renovation of Disneyland. The presentation is lively, the footage, amazing. There's so much to love here -- scenes of Imagineers lovingly adding scorchmarks to the sails of the Pirates of the Caribbean galleon with a blowtorch, construction workers tightrope-walking on the Monorail beam, and many, many skybuckets.

"Vintage Disneyland" Presentation with Imagineer Tony Baxter - D23 Expo 2011 (Thanks, Waxy!)


  1. wow! it’s amazing how they built the building even though those construction props and equipment are not so advanced like today. Disney is still structurally sturdy. good job.

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