Vintage plaster and chalk nude statuettes


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  1. crenquis says:

    Pfft,just print an anatomically correct Jenna Jameson with a Makerbot…

  2. knoxblox says:

    Love that blog name.

    Side note: My parents had a couple of small ceramic frogs that had faintly painted human genitalia on the undersides.

  3. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Oh, look.  Somebody took a time machine to my father’s 1960s apartment.

  4. Preston Sturges says:

    Probably more life like than that necklace

  5. Gulliver says:

    From the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, mostly harmless edition:

    Nudity: failure to follow arbitrary social conventions about which parts of human anatomy are acceptable to display. See strange human customs for additional information.

    Deodorant: major human technological achievement, poorly reinforced by weak social mores.

  6. Preston Sturges says:

    At the Ringling museum there is a bronze bull with a bronze female  dangling faceup over the bull. Her  vulva is prominent and pointed straight up.

    When I saw it, I assumed that it was  for someone to pour booze down her thighs so partiers can do shots off her hoo-haw. In fact it was a sculpture rejected by the city of Phildelphia.

    • Rich Keller says:

      There just has to be a story behind this one. Is it a comment on free market capitalism or something allegorical?

      • Preston Sturges says:

        It’s more one of those ancient-Bible-or-mythological-story-as-an-excuse-for-porn. 

        Here’s a bit more about the statue, which has some ambiguity about it’s origin.
        That’s not unusual for this collection, because Ringling (the circus mogul) was “new money,” and he wanted an art collection, but didn’t actually know a lot about art.  So  he bought an amazing amount of quite good stuff in Europe (where he was considered a rube) where he got screwed because the art dealers lied about the identity of the artist.  Not “forgeries,” he bought good stuff, just not what he was told he was buying. He really didn’t seem to mind. 

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