Unicorn proceeds through customs

Everyone's all worked up at the fact that Emily Harris, 9, was able to proceed through through customs with a passport that identified her as a unicorn. What do these tabloids have against unicorns? [The Sun]


  1. And you ever notice how Manticores always seem to be the ones who get “randomly” selected for enhanced screenings?

    1.  As a member of the Royal Manticoran Navy, I find this policy offensive. I will never be visiting the People’s Republic of Haven ever again.

    2. Who better to self-sabotage in-flight? It’s the Frog and the Scorpion with only one character.

  2. As an insightful Sun reader points out, “These people are paid to be sure that they are letting people into the country that have the right to be there. If they don’t do their job, terorrism happens.”

    It’s that simple folks, all it takes is a friendly passport screener stamping a little girls teddy bear passport and BOOM, terrorism.

  3. Well I guess we’ll have to put a tracking chip in every single person on the planet.  The only way to be sure.  To protect our freedoms. 

  4. Unicorns never appear to be unicorns except to those who truly believe.

    Maybe she’s just trying to avoid the Red Bull.


  5. My understanding has always been that since unicorns travel without portfolio, they are granted In Perpetuity freedom of international movement, without any need for visas or other clerical annoyances.

    This same freedom is, of necessity, also granted to their chosen little-girl escorts – as long (of course) as they remain virgins.

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