New #2 at CIA studied physics, used to read erotica at an independent bookstore she co-owned


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  1. jarmstrong says:

    You never know. She could be our happy mutant on the inside…

  2. awjt says:

    I bet she code-names S3KR1T stuff
    Spanking China
    Drone Ribalidry
    Lady Chatterly’s Rendition

  3. chgoliz says:

    Yeah, failing to see the Danger Danger Will Robinson issue here.  Sounds like a well-rounded and well-educated choice.  Actually, that’s the part that surprises me.

    • Boundegar says:

      I think that’s the only surprising part. CIA agents are not born, for the most part; they are created in secret underground laboratories, and their ideas of fun all involve insects. How the hell did a happy mutant get in there?

    • BillStewart2012 says:

      CIA has always had lots of highly educated people, just as its predecessor the OSS did.  The difference is that these days they’re not all from Yale.

  4. Gulliver says:

    Just because someone works for the government, even the CIA, doesn’t automatically make them a Sith. It’s entirely possible to go in with the best of intentions and wind up overseeing and becoming complicit in abuses of power. For example, just look at the President. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and steamrolled by institutional inertia. But then as an erotica reading physicist, I’m biased :)

    • Stay_Sane_Inside_Insanity says:

      Just as it’s entirely possible to fall to the Dark Side “with the best of intentions.”  One minute you’re rushing off to rescue your mother; the next minute you’re massacring a tribe of Tatooine natives. 

      The preceding good intentions don’t negate the reality of the fall. 

  5. Ari B. says:

    “I am the new Number Two.” “Who is Number One?” “You are, Number Six.”

  6. “dark side” is so negative. It’s just a different side; a side that happens to conduct covert police actions for the sake of advancing its interpretation of national interests while existing in perpetuity and without oversight. But everyone is the hero of their own story, ya know?

  7. luckythepainproofman says:

    I’m not entirely sure they’re trashing here. I just think the headline is sensationalist. 

    The article goes on to say quite a few nice things about here, and paint her as a welcome change.
    I agree, and being that I have friends that live in Fell’s point, and know the area, am quite glad to hear of her appointment. Her parents are liberal republicans, as well as academics, so she seems to have quite the balanced upbringing. 

  8. Stay_Sane_Inside_Insanity says:

    “Now witness the power of this FULLY ARMED and OPERATIONAL datacenter!”

  9. crenquis says:

    And here I thought that the CIA was a Mormon Boy’s Club… This ought’a put a few knots in their undies.

  10. PeaceLove says:

    Do you have a citation for her parents being Republicans? They don’t sound like it. They are Liberals who marched with Billionaires for Bush and support drug policy reform.

  11. Daemonworks says:

    Works for the CIA. Dark side is more or less a given.

  12. adonai says:

    Look at this secret spy-data!

    Just look at it!

  13. Ladyfingers says:

    Please. Like any SF/F/RPGer worth their salt wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to wield crazy amounts of evil power.

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