Brutal crackdown on Turkish protests

Barricades at Nisantasi, at 4:50AM Sunday

Poiu is in Turkey; he writes: " Since yesterday evening, everything has worsened. Unfortunately it is not really covered by local media, the consequence of that being that it gets a lot less international attention than it should. People are gassed here non stop, in all central Istanbul areas. Tens of thousands of people are out in the streets. The only two channels who cover the street events are ULUSAL KANAL CANLI YAYINI and artı bir tv. You should check them out just to get an idea of the scale and the drama."

Meanwhile, there's a lot of astounding stuff in the Occupy Gezi Pics Tumblr.

Police are gassing every street in Cihangir, Taksim

Ramis Topal, an MP with the main opposition party in Turkey at the hospital after his nose was broken by the police in front of Divan Hotel last night.

Saturday night in Beyoglu, from Jenna Pope’s photoblog (@BatmanWI): Peopl standing-off against the police in Istiklal Ave.

Saturday night in Beyoglu, from Jenna Pope’s photoblog (@BatmanWI): Protesters face water canons.

What the police are adding to water they spray on people:

Protesters arrested today in Istanbul are lined up like POWs

Barricades at Nisantasi, at 4:50AM Sunday

Wedding photo-ops at Gezi Parki is becoming a tradition.


  1. Barricades in Nisantasi. In Nisantasi! The US equivalent would be “Barricades in SoHo.” 

  2. One of the side effects of the crackdown on the Occupy movement in the US was that it made it much harder for the US government to criticize other countries using similar tactics of violently stifling dissent.

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