Why did a Maine cop lie about dropping off missing person Erik Foote at a hospital?

Washburn Police Sgt. Chandler Cole resigned and was charged with forgery and falsifying public records after falsely reporting that he dropped a missing person off at hospital. Though had had indeed picked up Erik Foote when locals spotted the missing man, he took him not to hospital but to a convenience store, then lied about it. Cole even told Foote's parents that he had taken him to the hospital.

An investigation concluded Cole altered his report to reflect a hospital drop-off. But there is no hospital record to support the claim. Foote has yet to be located in a case that has riveted the community of 1,500 people, which has organized another search party to look for him this weekend. The Aroostook County Sheriff's Office is now handling the investigation. The town is in the process of deciding whether to keep a police department.

The search for Foote continues. Here's more on the mysterious case from WGME: "There is no relief at this time because we still don't have the answers as to why the officer lied repeatedly and would quit his job over it," said Brenda Foote, Erik's mother.

Brenda Foote last saw her son for lunch and shopping on Jan. 29. Since then he's been the subject of a months-long search that so far has been unsuccessful.

Erik Foote, 39, of Washburn was wearing jeans and a blue jacket when he was last seen on Jan. 30, according to the Aroostook County Sheriff's Office. His disappearance has riveted Washburn, a town of about 1,500, and inspired a Facebook page dedicated to search efforts.

A rural Maine town with 4 reported crimes a year doesn't need a police department, even if it is like something from a Steven King novel. Just give the city manager a truncheon or something. Good luck, Erik.

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Erik Foote in a photo released by his family.