Dragonflies outfitted with brain sensor backpacks


Neuroscientist have attached an electronic "backpack" to dragonflies that jack into the insect's brain and wirelessly transmit the data back to a base station. Howard Hughes Medical Institute researcher Anthony Leonardo and his collaborators hope the telemetry will deepen our understanding of how dragonflies target and catch their pray. (via Wired)


  1. Roaches?  Ya, go ahead and turn ’em into robots.
    Dragonfies? ya can’t do that to the king of flies…

    There, his round shoulders humped with emeralds,
    A gorgeous opal crown set on his head,
    And all those shining honours to his breast-
    ‘My garden is a lovely place’ thought I,
    ‘But is it worthy of such a guest?’

  2. Ok, baby steps and all, but when do we get biosofts, dammit? I’m tired of learning skills, I want black-marked ROMs.

  3. Does this pack have hydration? Would allow them to fly longer and transmit more data. Tiny little straw.

  4. First 12 thoughts transmitted from the Dragon Fly:

    “Damn this thing is itchy”

  5. This is amoral, inhumane and abhorrent.  Why is it that we presume
    dominion over every single companion, however great or infinitesimal –
    indeed, every inch of matter – which we encounter?  What makes us more
    equal than the others? 

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