Dragonflies outfitted with brain sensor backpacks


17 Responses to “Dragonflies outfitted with brain sensor backpacks”

  1. Marc45 says:

    Why does this make me feel sorry for the dragonfly?

  2. I wouldn’t want a backpack
    strapped on my back against my will. 
    When will Science just stop already?

  3. Mark Dow says:

    depend -> deepen (or deep-end?)

  4. crenquis says:

    Roaches?  Ya, go ahead and turn ‘em into robots.
    Dragonfies? ya can’t do that to the king of flies…

    There, his round shoulders humped with emeralds,
    A gorgeous opal crown set on his head,
    And all those shining honours to his breast-
    ‘My garden is a lovely place’ thought I,
    ‘But is it worthy of such a guest?’

  5. Gilbert Wham says:

    Ok, baby steps and all, but when do we get biosofts, dammit? I’m tired of learning skills, I want black-marked ROMs.

  6. griever says:

    prey dude

  7. Felix Hoenikker says:

    Ya isnt this kinda crossing over into mad science?

  8. Rocco Neil April says:

    Does this pack have hydration? Would allow them to fly longer and transmit more data. Tiny little straw.

  9. PanoramicPenguin says:

    First 12 thoughts transmitted from the Dragon Fly:

    “Damn this thing is itchy”

  10. Adds a new meaning to the phrase “I’d like to be a fly on the wall”. The fly on the wall could actually be watching and listening.

  11. vauwor says:

    This is amoral, inhumane and abhorrent.  Why is it that we presume
    dominion over every single companion, however great or infinitesimal –
    indeed, every inch of matter – which we encounter?  What makes us more
    equal than the others? 

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