Raiders of the Lost Ark hand-painted poster from Ghana

BM9UKTGCIAAD3k3 Excellent hand-painted "Raiders of the Lost Ark" movie poster from Ghana. Click to see it larger. This style of poster was frequently an advertisement for mobile "cinemas" where the operator traveled around with a VHS machine and TV to screen movies for paying customers. You can see more examples here and here. And there are several books documenting this art form: Ghanavision: Hand-Painted Film Posters from Ghana and two volumes titled Extreme Canvas.


    1. I *think* it’s the German airplane mechanic that Indy fights? But that guy had a moustache. Or maybe Arnold Toht, the Gestapo agent with the Ra headpiece burned into his hand.

      1. Toht had hair… perhaps it’s a strange amalgam, or they had a bald monkey guy in the version of the film that got distributed to Ghana…  I like to think it’s the latter.

    2. It’s Harvey Korman as Max the chauffeur from  that Sunset Boulevard skit on the Caroll Burnett  Show,  for  some reason.

  1.  I think it’s supposed to be the mummy with the snake crawling through its mouth that terrifies Marion as they’re escaping the Well of Souls. Which was the most important part of the movie, apparently. I personally would have gone with the melting Nazi head, spoilers be damned.

    1. Certainly.  Just like Indy’s famous line at the end – “The Arc of the Covenant is long, but  it bends towards Justice.”

  2. Yes! When VHS first came out, my family rented players from the U-Haul of all places.

  3. A more innocent time.

    Today, we’d call that “operator riding around violating copyright on a massive scale.” The MPAA would be all up in Ghana’s business.

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