A map of Twitter use in the US on mobile devices


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  1. mappo says:

    The problem with this map is that the layers are stacked.  The red iPhone dots are placed on top of the green Android dots, which are placed on top of the purple Blackberry dots.  So you only see a green dot when there isn’t a red one in the same place, and you only see a purple dot when there is neither a green nor a red dot in the same place.

  2. Rhyolite says:

    This doesn’t look that different than a population density map of the US.

  3. anonmouse says:

    If you look at Chicago, the difference between the Android users and the iPhone users is pretty stark. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that the northside and the loop have the majority of iPhone usage while the westside and the southside have more Android.

    • Anarcissie says:

       I noticed the same thing with respect to Newark and certain areas of Brooklyn.  So this made wonder whether the difference is simply the result of price, or if culture is involved, for instance, maybe, the way in which the advertising is designed and directed.

  4. Sodium says:

    I’m used to BoingBoing being America-centric, but this map covers a large part of the freaking planet – it’s just centred on the US as a starting point.

  5. James Gilbreath says:

    It actually shows some interesting demographic correlations. Looking at Birmingham, AL, you can definitely tell the haves are mostly using iPhones, while the have-nots are mostly using Android devices.

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