Snowden's passport revoked

A "US Government official" has told the Associated Press's Matthew V. Lee that the State Department has revoked NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's passport.


  1. “The U.S. official would only discuss the passport on the condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to discuss the matter.”
    So some U.S. official LEAKED the information about the passport about the revocation of the guy who liked info to the press. I’m sure that David Gregory will be all over the AP reporter for this “adding and abetting” 

      1. Not bad. I like Andrew Sullivan’s take a little better though. He really ripped him a new asshole and showed how this asshole will attack a reporter for covering leaks but won’t attack people who have instituted a program of torture.

  2. I’m sure Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador will be extremely troubled by such development. Uh-uh. 
    If anything, this strengthens Snowdon’s position in asking for asylum in any country.

    1. He could be quite sneaky and ask for asylum in the USA. They’d have to protect him and defend him from pitchfork and fire-on-a-stick carrying mobs.

      Oh, sorry, I’m thinking of sanctuary aren’t I?

      1. It’d be funny, but by now it’s quite clear that the “imperial executive” envisioned by Bush II and Obama doesn’t “have” to do anything it doesn’t want to. Laws are for little people and foreign vassal-states, clearly.

    2. This could still make it pretty tricky for him to get to whatever country he intends to seek asylum in if he’s not there already.

      1. What is a passport, exactly? A guarantee of identify? It’s not like Snowden is in any way unknown, and pretty much every single airline, aircraft, and international airport in the whole freaking world probably has a print out with one of the many photos of him, and everywhere he lands will be expecting him well in advance. He won’t be attempting to pass himself off as anyone else, in fact his conversational gambit right now now is “Hi, I’m Edward Snowden. Help?” Although he probably won’t need to atually say anything

        1. What is a passport, exactly? A guarantee of identify?

          Unless you’ve got some very high-profile connections it’s also “something you need to get on a plane to another country.” Even if you’re traveling between countries that don’t have extradition treaties with the U.S.

          1. At this point, yes, he has very high-profile connections.
            He didn’t just hop on a random plane to Russia and hope that when he landed he would ask someone directions to the Kremlin to ask for asylum.

            If the Russian government has agreed to let him in (even if they plan to eventually send him right back home) then they can pretty trivially get him on a plane.

  3. I’m not exactly sure why they’d bother. It’s not like he’ll have any problem crossing borders without it, all things considered. It’s not like he’ll be doing much travelling through normal civilian means.

  4. Some faceless US bureaucrat has stated that when fugitives flee the US it’s standard operating procedure to revoke’s one passport. Perhaps that explains why he’s lying low as the Wikileaks gang try to get him a fresh set of travel docs.

    But Snowden/Wikileaks pulled a fast one on everybody-when word go out he’d be on a specific Moscow-to-Havana flight, the feeding frenzy knows as the mainstream press shoved a legion or more of reporters on that flight….to find an empty seat-on a 10 hour flight, where no alcohol is served-and will have to spend 3 days in Cuba before they are allowed to leave.
    Lady Justice just played her first trump card.

  5. Somehow I’m guessing Edward’s US passport is somewhere at the bottom of documents he cares about at the moment.

    Nice work Edward… the authorities are absolutely shitting themselves over you! I hope you make it to Ecuador safely.

    Bye bye America’s façade of moral high-ground. The world now sees that you are fighting a cyber war while blaming China for exactly the same at every opportunity. Fucking two-faced assholes.

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