Hitler finds out Boing Boing is killing comments, moving to Discourse

[Video Link] Created by Xeni and Dean with the "Hitler Finds Out" video generator. Roll your own Hitler video at downfall.jfedor.org.



  1. What wierds me out is there’s no ‘hitler finds out about nsa back doors’ video Yet.


  2. I dunno…  the comment killing on this site really is pretty bad.  Some of the moderators kill comments that directly conflict with their own personal opinions regardless of any other factor of judgement.  And that’s basically censorship.

    1. Your comments will not be deleted! Pre-Discourse comments are being archived and will appear on the site as normal. Discourse is becoming our system for comments on all new posts.

  3. I just read through the new, improved commenting rules.  Dean and Xeni have violated them already!  

    1.  Apparently so has openfly, though i can’t for the life of me understand why. The whim of whichever mod is on shift i suppose, my best guess being antinous.

      1. It’s a good hour too early for Antinous.  Must be Felton.  Obviously it’s not Xeni.  She loves a good f-bomb and I love her for it.  

    2.  Remember that some of the rules boil down to “it’s our sandbox, we don’t promise that we will enforce the rules with any consistency, rules lawyering will fail.”

      The ultimate rule is always “Amuse the gamemaster.”

  4. I always thought Boinboing was a bit too heavy-handed in deleting non-spam comments. Whenever I see *deleted* with a bunch of replies to the deleted comment, it makes me feel like the moderators are trying to censor politically disagreeable opinions. Makes me not want to post comments that disagree with the standard opinions on Boingboing.

    1. Well it really depends on the topic and who you expect to reply.

      I’ve held back more than once simply because what I would post would be seen as either shitposting or just plain dropping a deuce in the pool.  Not that I would post something without some level of logic or reasoning to back it up, but when dealing with emotionally driven/charged topics people don’t always (and some never) go for reason.

    2.  > I always thought Boinboing was a bit too heavy-handed in deleting non-spam comments.

      Darn tootin. It’s the home of arbitrary deletions.

    3.  they’re usually fairly odious, and have been given plenty of time for their opinions to have been pointed out as such.

    4.  Disagreeing is generally fine. Being disagreeable will often get you punted.

      Remember. freedom of the press belongs to the owner and operator of the press. If you want BB to carry your words, they need to be words BB is interested in carrying (which actually covers a pretty wide range if they’re thoughtful and well expressed and relevant and not pure flame-bait). If you want to say something outside that space, this ain’t the website for it; find or create one where it fits.

      1. I’d like to trust the opinion of the moderators in deleting comments, and hell, for all I know, the deletions could be very appropriate. It would be good if there were a way to see what was deleted, like to unhide the comment as you can on Reddit. Boingboing seems to consider itself anti-censorship and anti-authoritarian and allowing readers to see those comments would go a long way in building trust.

        1. This isn’t Reddit. It’s a personal blog. We allow differing opinions, but not things that are personally offensive to us.

      1. Once you got high enough you could actually post more than 4 or 5 replies deep.

        Jeez christ, how much weed does a person have to smoke to get deep replies around here…

  5. Oh my, *two* new favorite versions of this meme in one day…..my cup runneth over.

    It does not surprise me one whit that Hitler was on the side of Disqus.  They deserve each other.

  6. I’d like to keep my name… but I’m not sure how. HALP! *change* ACK!  I am fearing it!  >.< 

      1. Thanks, Dean.  I don’t know if my username was reserved.  I uh, don’t know if I’ve commented more than 50 times.  It feels like I have (haha), but I am not seeing an accurate BB- ‘comment count’ on Disqus (b/c I have commented on other sites that use Disqus). On Discourse, I did the ‘forgot password’-trick with my username and also my registered email address but I have not received an email.  I’m still squinting, something like this:      >.<

  7. I’ve been following the development of Discourse. It looks really interesting, and I’ve seen my fair share of forum software. I’ve been considering resurrecting a forum I used to run on phpBB with Discourse. Right after BoingBoing tests it. ;)

  8. I miss the like and reply buttons in the new reply thingies – or do they appear again after registering?  And who chooses which are ‘interesting’ replies that show up under the post?

  9. Damn thing claims I haven’t activated my account when I know I damn well have. 

  10. I can’t seem to log into my account using my username and password.  Anyone know what to do?

  11. The new system doesn’t seem to work – I click on the link under the “Cops shoot dog” story, and the page just refreshes.

  12. Ut oh, the new comment system isn’t working at all within the article pages as of 06-28-2013  Fri 12:42pm MST —  Hitler must be very amused.

    1. Rob’s been quite open in the past about not liking the commenters. I think this is just a bridge -step to remove them from the site, disassociate if you will.

      Having used Discourse for a little while now it should be incredibly effective at silencing conversation.

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