Unsolved mystery: Can you identify this woman?


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  1. tedsmitts

    She's a person, not an interesting summer puzzle for the internet. Let well enough alone.

  2. sadpear

    It would take a very unusual person not to want to dig into this and get some answers, especially after the tragedy of a suicide. I don't think it is disrespectful, as the family has clearly reached out for assistance in trying to solve the mystery.

    Sometimes I wonder how many Don Drapers are out there, even as it gets harder to avoid leaving a trail.

  3. gracchus

    There's a good chance she read "Day of the Jackal" at some point; taking on the identity of a child who died young is right out of that book. The Jackal takes visits a cemetery in gets the the name of a random male child who died in infancy who was born roughly when he was, requests a copy of the birth and death certificate from the local records office, and eventually escalates the birth certificate into a passport. You could still get away with that in the 1980s if you were careful, which it seems she was.

    Why she'd do that, and why she'd take on another name afterwards is anyone's guess.

  4. Ashen_Victor

    Because some people who loved her want to feel at peace, to find some answers or to complete the final puzzle of her life.
    Answers, that it is why it is important: Answers.

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