Secret no-fly list blamed for American citizen's nightmare detention in Bangkok

"The shrouded U.S. no-fly list continues to maroon U.S. citizens overseas who are trying to get home," according to this Los Angeles times report. "The 10-night ordeal of a Pomona medical student in a dank airport detention area is called the latest example." Said the innocent traveler in a phone interview, "They treat you like an animal."


  1. Secret laws that detain US citizens and give them effectively no recourse….

    Wasn’t this the kind of crap that the Bill of Rights was supposed to stop?

    What the hell happened to America?

    Things like this (and SO many other things) is why I can’t celebrate July 4 any more.  How the hell can any American sing “land of the free and home of the brave” with a straight face any more?

    1.  You can thank the wonderful Patriot Act for shredding the Bill of Rights under the guise of homeland security that has duped most of America. Market a catchy moniker on a piece of legislation and then bully adversaries of it as unpatriotic or unAmerican, and lo and behold…the Land of the Free is nothing more than a military state with it’s mindless, ignorant, cattle-like citizens wondering what the happened to their country. All the while, they are to blame for not questioning.

      1. We lost our rights 2001-2002.  I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about old news.

        As Scalia has said, in relation to his part in the Bush v. Gore coup d’etat: “Get over it!”

      2. Ambrose Bierce, in his entry under Patriotism in his Devil’s Dictionary (1881-1906), wrote: “In Dr. Johnson’s famous dictionary patriotism is defined as the last resort of a scoundrel. With all due respect to an enlightened but inferior lexicographer I beg to submit that it is the first.”Read more at 

        1. I got the impression that the majority of USians is willing to swallow anything  as long it’s wrapped in a flag and patriotic rhetorics. 

          Patriot Act, NDAA, “enhanced interrogation, surveillance etc. is ok because “We’re the good guys, right?” and “They would never do that – we’re the Land of the Free!!”. 

  2. I don’t like what that says about how we treat other animals.

    At the Firefly Music Festival in Dover last weekend I breezed through the first checkpoint but my youngest child was searched extensively.  Afterwards I said “geez, I thought they were going to strip-search you, but they didn’t even bother making me open my fanny pack” and she rolled her eyes in the way that only tweenage girls can and said “Dad, I look middle eastern“.

  3. Just this morning I suddenly said, a propos of nothing, “Why don’t we just start calling them all Secret Police?  Because that’s what they are.” 

    So, a proposal for the Boing Boing house style: refer to the TSA, NSA and the others as branches of the United States Secret Police.  You never know: it might just catch on.

  4. If anyone has not, do read the LA Times article and consider the history of Mr. Motiwala.  It does cause one to ask questions of him and to wonder but his case was not handled in a very professional or courteous manner by the Government.  I expect better from the government since Mr. Motiwala is still a US citizen.

  5. As long as there are Americans like the 13 who have replied here,there will always be hope for a return to American values as embodied in the BoR and the Constitution. Bravo, people..from a Canadian who has watched in horror the slow and steady assault on privacy to gain a little security playing out in your country and sadly, in mine as well.

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