Contact lenses, now with zoom!

A team led by led by Joseph Ford of UCSD and Eric Tremblay of EPFL have developed a contact lens granting the wearer variable zoom of up-to 3x. "An international team of researchers have created the first telescopic contact lens; a contact lens that, when it’s equipped, gives you the power to zoom your vision almost three times. Yes, this is the first ever example of a bionic eye that effectively gives you Superman-like eagle-eye vision." (Via Extreme Tech)

Notable Replies

  1. Screw Superman stuff, this could be inestimable help to those of us who have extremely bad eyesight. 3X would give me almost normal distance vision and polarized glasses is a teeny price to be able to see street signs or airport status boards or the details of a movie.
    S***, I want some of thiis.

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