Boing Boing 'helping incite civil unrest'

From the inbox:

BoingBoing is Helping Incite Civil Unrest. Mass protests are dangerous with foreign troops on US soil, waiting for an excuse to clamp down. Reddit organized "Restore the Fourth." Reddit is owned by Conde Nast, which is part of the international conglomerate that owns 40% of the assets of 43,000 transnational companies, 60% of their net earnings, and censors the news to Americans. I am in touch with the Council of Governors and Peter F. Verga, Assistant Secretary of Defense of Homeland Defense and American Security Affairs. In the last twenty years the number of corporations owning the majority of U.S. media outlets went from 50 to 5: Time Warner, Walt Disney, News Corporation (Murdoch), Viacom and Bertelsmann (Germany). Diversity in the news is further restricted by the interlocking members on boards of directors of these media giants. ( News Corp, Disney, Viacom and Time Warner have 45 interlocking directors).

Right you are! Restore the Fourth.