"Dragon" found in toilet

A shopper fled from an Asda supermarket in Edinburgh, Scotland, after being confronted by a "dragon" in the toilet—a creature that turned out to be a harmless monitor lizard. The lizard was rescued by animal welfare officers, who have named it Lulu. [The Scottish Sun]

Notable Replies

  1. It doesn't seem like the person who found it called it a dragon, just The Sun. They do confuse the issue by using the headline "I found dragon in Asda toilet". The person who found it is only quoted as thinking it was a crocodile or snake.

  2. The headline is also confusing for American readers, because when we say "toilet" we mean the actual porcelain equipment, not the whole bathroom. The lizard, fortunately, was on the floor.

  3. "The reptile — a harmless African Bosc monitor lizard — was rescued from the store in Edinburgh’s Leith by animal welfare officers after he raised the alarm."

    That's a smart lizard. Also, that Asda is scary enough at the best of times.

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