Man sues Apple for failing to save him from smut

"The Plaintiff became totally out of synch in his romantic relationship with his wife, which was a consequence of his use of his Apple product." [Above the Law via DF]

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  1. C'mon, dude, you used a product whose logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it. Surely you weren't expecting something other than corruption at the hands of original-sinning harlots, were you?

  2. What's funny is that if it had been the results of something in the App Store, he might have a case, since Apple has taken responsibility for censoring that...

  3. The guy is brilliant. I shall retain him to represent me in my lawsuit against the manufacturer of the couch my dad hid his magazines under.

  4. snig says:

    The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the Apples, but in our bananas.

  5. I was reading something the other day about "adults" clamoring for porn filters on their devices

    A post on the blog for Web filter Optenet reads, “We discovered that many adults were buying parental controls to install on their own computers. But then those adults realized that if they installed the web filter software themselves, they would know the password and every time they felt tempted, they could simply use the password to turn the filter off.” So they developed a way for users to generate a random and easily forgettable password and then use a company staff member as an “accountability partner.

    Accountability partner. Now there's an interesting euphemism.

    I don't want the services of a dominatrix. I want an accountability partner who will spank me when I've done wrong.

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