UFO Futuro Houses of the 1960s-1970s

As a youngster, my dream was to live in a Futuro House, the UFO-like prefab homes designed by Matti Surronen and available for purchase new in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Only 100 or so were built around the world but quite a few survive to this day, in varying states of decay. In the video above, urban explorer The Unknown Cameraman visits Futuro Houses in New Jersey. You can also see many more photos of these otherworldly abodes at Cult of Weird.

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  1. I would imagine hanging anything in a geodesic dome is rather challenging. Did the interior have conventional studs and drywall for hanging shelves, etc? How did you deal with the weird empty diagonal space that would result from pushing conventional, linear bookshelves against the wall as far back as they would go?

  2. Ha! Sychronicity - I just visited the Frisco Futuro last week. It's in terrible shape - I wish somebody would save it, it looks like the current owner is just going to let the Outer Banks highly corrosive weather slowly grind it away.

    I suspect it's already survived far longer than any conventional building would, left uninhabited and unattended on Hatteras Island.

  3. We did have a couple conventional walls with studs, and a loft. The bookshelves were installed against the interior walls. My bedroom was in the loft, with a 45 degree angle ceiling. Our dome was the same diameter as the Futuro-House. It was mighty cramped for 5 people, even with a loft.

  4. There was a whole family of these novel prefabs in this same period that all, sadly, went the same way. There was the Bubble House by Jean Maneval in France, and the Venturo by Matti Suuronen, also from Finland and which seemed to really have a lot going for it with its modular clear-span pavilion form. Both the Futuro and Venturo seem to have become most iconic, turning up in such things as the art of Shag. There was even electronic music composed for the Futuro by the group Ektroverde. Though few of these were ever produced, a large number of mysteriously produced Futuros and Venturos seem to have turned up in a decrepit vacation village in Taiwan, with some still inhabited today.


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