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I ran into ComicMix's Glenn Haumann yesterday at Comic-Con and he told me about ComicMix Pro: a set of professional services for indie comics creators who want to focus on making comics. It sounds like a great idea -- the set of all people who make comics I want to read is bigger than the set of all people who make comics I want to read who know how to manage printing and distribution.

ComicMix Pro Services will advise you on how you can improve your efforts and secure the professional assistance you need. We cover every aspect of the creative and business process and customize our efforts and fees to meet your specific goals, including:

* Editorial Services
* Production, Printing & Distribution
* Marketing and Promotion
* Intellectual Property Services
* Funding Services
* Custom Comics Creation

ComicMix Pro Services

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  1. In Hauman's defense, he's worked with John Ostrander and Peter David. According to the website, Mike Gold, who was an editor with DC and First Comics, is also involved in ComicMix (though I don't know if he's involved with the Pro project). So while I don't know what he delivers with CMP, he's certainly not a scam artist.

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