Super Mario themed recipe: mushroom stuffed 1-up pizza rolls

Chris-Rachael Oseland,

Nerd chef Chris-Rachael Oseland has created a new recipe: mushroom stuffed 1-Ups, from Super Mario, which make great snacks for "kart racing, intergalactic exploration, or smashing your brother in a brawl."

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Notable Replies

  1. It's sad that any one wanting a Super Mario Pizza Mushroom roll is probably 35 now.

  2. toyg says:

    I'm still 34 until next February, kind sir. And you can bet that my kids will know about Mario at some point - maybe they'll hate me for that a bit less, if I bake these while I try to explain the cultural relevance of 8-bit sprites running across fantasy lands.

  3. i always wondered what they would taste like

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