NSA: We lack the capability to search our own email


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  1. Strings

    That's if you don't have an estimated 8-10 billion$ budget and access to a whole slew of classified AI patents. An advanced neural network could easily sort out who has access to what, the contents of an e-mail that are relevant to any specific FOIA request... What's more likely is that they have such a system, but it is highly classified and responding to the FOIA request would make it known wink

  2. dragonfrog

    That's if you assume the NSA's tech is actually effective at finding accurate information. I don't think we should make that assumption.

    What consequences would they suffer if they were completely incapable of producing strong, credible intelligence? None - they are never held to account. So why assume they can?

    Incidentally - just think for a minute about the concept of a "classified patent". Classified. Patent.

  3. davide405

    The NSA turned down a FOIA request.

    In other news today, water is wet, and the Pope is Catholic.

  4. AcerPlatanoides

    To be capable you have to be willing. So they're definitely incapable.

  5. lasermike026

    What is the statement here, "Don't worry, we're stupid!" Oh yeah, I feel better now. It's like I'm on the deck of the Titanic.

    I don't believe it. If what they say is true, which it is not, it still makes them insanely dangerous.

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