What goes on when you are not there!

Insanely cute video by Glenn Naylor of the Alberta Parks dept!


Notable Replies

  1. Popular wisdom has led me astray, this is NOT what I've been told bears do in the woods.

  2. I love how bear #1, having found the perfect back-scratching tree, goes off to fetch its buddies, and they all come back ten minutes later.

    Hey! Hey guys! Come on, you have to try this! Seriously, you have to, it's the best thing ever!

  3. marbe says:

    Yeah, so, the Harlem Shake craze might be over, but...

    (via Reddit)

  4. That tree has got it going ON!

    The synchronized back scratch at :54 was excellent, but I think my favorite starts at 1:50, when the deer shows up after the party's over...

    "What's this? (sniff, sniff) Oh, $&*#!"

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