Sanjay Gupta: "Why I changed my mind on weed"


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  1. fuzzyfungus

    I'm amazed he lived long enough to get an MD, specialize in neurosurgery, and get a CNN gig and still believed in the DEA's good faith until quite recently. I thought that believing in the DEA's honesty was like believing in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, and you grew out of it. How do you avoid doing that (as a doctor, especially, who would probably have heard some of the chatter about the DEA's enthusiasm for...skeptical independent evaluation... of doctor's pain-management decisions, sometimes followed by jail time)?

  2. Cowicide

    Welcome to reality, Sanjay Gupta. While it's commendable he's apologized and finally come around, I can't say I'm impressed with how amazingly long it took him to do it.

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