Smartwatch with 41 megapixel camera


The Hyetis Crossbow is a forthcoming Swiss-made smart watch outfitted with a 41 megapixel camera, LED flash, and WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC, according to the company. It will sell for $1,200.

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  1. Uh, 41 megapixels? Wat?

  2. Second the "Wat" reaction.

    The only reason an ordinary user MIGHT need that many pixels would be to do electronic zoom while retaining reasonable resolution. Maybe.

    Personally, this sounds to me like specsmanship in lieu of design.

  3. Ah, for the upmarket perv-shot connoisseur.

  4. If I were an optimist, I'd speculate that '41 megapixels' sounds suspiciously similar to the imaging chip used in the recent Nokia Lumia models (which have the same nominal resolution; but use various clever processing techniques to deliver final images that aren't nearly 41 megapixels; but which apparently do look quite good and benefit from the additional raw pixels, though they don't expose them in the final product). If that is in fact the case, I'd assume that having a high-volume buyer makes that particular sensor (by all accounts a fairly good one) relatively cheap.

    If I were a pessimist, I'd still suspect the same reasons for that choice of chip (probably the cheapest very-high-resolution CMOS imager, thanks to production volume); but further suspect that, unlike Nokia, whoever is pumping out this gadget will do absolutely no clever image processing work whatsoever, and will simply produce enormous files that look like crap under anything but perfect conditions, and are still let down by the tiny lens.

  5. Frankly to me this seems like an ever worse ad than usual. The link is basically a few lines of non committal copy, some shitty pictures, and an announcement that you can't even pre-order it yet.

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