Lost-at-sea fisherman uses his watch face to signal for help

A fisherman who fell overboard managed to use the reflection off his watch face to signal a boat and be rescued.

A story right out of an adventure magazine! It seems an unnamed fisherman was reeling in a Marlin when he fell overboard. His boat puttered away from him and left him lost at sea. After a failed attempt to swim to safety, the lucky fisherman spotted a boat and used the glint of his watch to signal for rescue.

The angler's ordeal began after he fell into the water off of New Zealand's North Island on Tuesday while trying to reel in a marlin, Hamilton said.

After he spent more than 23 hours in the water, Hamilton said three "eagle eyed" fishermen noticed an "unusual reflection" in the distance.

After deciding to investigate, Hamilton said, they found the man "desperately trying to get their attention using the reflection of the sun on his watch." After pulling him from the water, they went to shore where an ambulance crew was waiting, Hamilton added.

NBC News