Scuba gear review: Whites Fusion drysuit


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  1. pridkett

    I had to double check if I was reading Boing Boing when I saw this. Pleasantly surprised.

    I also dive a White Fusion drysuit - but actually there's a newer suit that's a step cheaper - the Fusion One. Usually retails for about $1000 or so - which is a good deal as far as dry suits go. On the down side, it's a back zip and you can't get pockets or the quick replace locking seals. The seals and zippers are the same quality you'd get on the Fusion Sport/Tech/Bullet. They've also recently come out with a women's cut of both the Fusion One - called the Fusion Essence, and a women's version of the Fusion Sport - called the Fusion Fit.

    So far I've got about 40 dives on my suit in everything from 33°F to 84°F water - just change out the undergarments and you're good. Neither my wife nor I have had seal problems or leakage, so that's been excellent.

    The lycra/neoprene shell works really well for keeping you streamlined and provides quite a bit of give in the sizing. This also makes it a fairly friendly dry suit for new divers because you don't get as much air in your feet - at least compared to when I've been in tri-laminate suites. However, the lycra shell also makes it a bear to dry out. After a dive you need to essentially rinse the whole dry suit and then hang it inside out than right side out to get it completely dry. My friends with tri-laminate suits just hose em down and they're dry in 10 minutes. Overall I'll take a nicer suit in the dives even if it means I need to let it dry out for a couple of days in the bathroom after a dive.

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