British MPs vote against Syria action

The government was defeated 285 to 272.

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  1. Assad has settled on using White Phosphorus, which is OK because the Israeli's already set a precedent.

    Don't forget the USA. Melting the skin off of live humans is much more humane than sarin gas. /s

  2. A murder is a murder.

    Let's see, so an 'intervention' would cost something on the order of . .let's say a billion dollars? Probably a lot more, and that's ignoring a lot of other costs, but let's lowball it, shall we?

    Setting up an eco-village in Austriala for them (just easy to find numbers) . . 5000 a family-ish? So that'd be enough for . . . 200,000 families?

    Or, we could use that money to fix Detroit and let them have part of it, nobody else seems to want it.

    And before anybody says something about those two (of like. . NINETY) other way better options being 'unpopular' or 'controversial'. . . compare that to what happens historically when we send a bunch of bombs there.

    Don't let the madmen frame the question in a way that plays to their strengths.

  3. Nelsie says:

    Politicians seem to love using the military to "send messages"; that's kinda like using a hammer to tap morse on somebody's head, not what the military is for and not that effective.

    Destroy Assad's stocks of chemical weapons (and the rebels', if it turns out they have them too), when you can get reliable intelligence as to where they are. That's direct and even appropriate. Don't use the chemical weapons as a causus belli in a transparent attempt to get a blank cheque for any kind of military force you think will send a message to voters that they should vote for you.

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