Kitsault, the Canadian ghost town

Messy Nessy Chic, on an abandoned company town maintained in perfect condition by its only resident: "Where the Alaskan border is closer than the nearest town lies a mysterious hidden place, accessible only by a long arduous gravel road behind a locked gate. Ninety-four homes, two hundred apartments, a hospital, shopping mall, Town & Country restaurant, movie theatre, sports centre, a Royal Bank ... The only thing missing are the people. Welcome to Kitsault, BC."

Notable Replies

  1. The CBC article mentions it has a curling rink. That's how you know it's a real town.

  2. Also happens to be a long, hard gravel road that winds through prime mushroom patch. Probably tons of people out there right now.

    And aside from the plans to possibly build a LNG shipping facility and pipeline to the place, Avanti Kitsault is intending to reopen the mine.

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