Baby misses dad's beard (video)

[Video Link, thanks Tara McGinley!]

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  1. Oh come on, that child is clearly in a super loving environment, the parents are clearly smart and funny and they're all bonded ridiculously well, and my money says they're bringing up another great human being. Its all part of being playful with one another. Lighten up.

  2. man, i miss that beard. he was quite attractive with it.

  3. Is the "concern trolling" I have read about?

    Isn't it a zillion times over obvious from the video that the baby girl is in an extremely loving, compassionate home?

  4. snig says:

    I'm waiting for the video in 15 years when she gets a purple mohawk before an important event, Dad flips out, and she points out "I'm still me, Dad..."

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