No detectable association between frequency of cannabis use and health or healthcare utilization

Researchers from Boston Medical Center (BMC) and Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) "studied 589 adults who screened positive for drug use at a primary care visit." They found "no differences between daily marijuana users and those using no marijuana in their use of the emergency room, in hospitalizations, medical diagnoses or their health status."

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  1. This study brought to you by Frito Lay.

  2. since the study wasn't targeted toward medicinal cannabis patients, i would say it's the former

  3. ugh says:

    It is that marijuana-users do not go to the ER more frequently than non-marijuana users, i.e. users are no more likely to go the ER than non-users.

    In any case, evidence that 'medical marijuana users are no healthier than the rest of us' would not be evidence that 'marijuana is medically ineffective'. Medical marijuana is not supposed to make its users healthier than your average non-user. That doesn't make sense. Are you familiar with the medical uses of marijuana? This is like finding evidence that 'ibuprofen users are no healthier than the rest of us' and concluding that 'ibuprofen is medically ineffective'.

  4. You're missing the political point:

    "We have found no medical costs to society resulting from chronic marijuana use."

    Use your words, dude..............

  5. Why? They aren't at all comparable. Lets do exactly not what you just said.

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