Take the impossible "literacy" test Louisiana gave black voters in 1964

Here's the first page of a three-page "literacy" test that racist authorities in Louisiana presented to black people as a way to keep them from voting in 1964. You had 10 minutes to complete the test, and one wrong answer out of 30 disqualified you. (Thanks, @RobotCommission!)

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  1. miasm says:

    Number 12 appears to be constructed so that wherever you draw the line, some form of unfair application of an unstated rule will always mark you down.
    Quite the glyph.

  2. I think this could still be a valuable test. A way to sort out undesirables who have no business participating in American politics. Those rascals who desire nothing more than to corrupt our way of living. I'm of course talking about having the candidates for office take the test.

  3. 20 gives me the confusions. Is it that I should spell forward backward (drawrof) or that I should spell backwards, forward (backwards)?

  4. sr105 says:

    It might be fun to troll republicans by posting on some conservative sites that "democrats plan to get even with republicans by passing laws requiring registered republicans to take this literacy test at the polls". They believe some crazy a$$ stuff already, why not this?

  5. That's a pretty broad brush you're toting there. Like political parties, the Klan has had a number of variants. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan (you should check out some more links that have some system of peer review...)

    Strom Thurmond used to be a Democrat as well and I'm pretty sure that his shift to the Republican side mirrored the political movement down there at the same time. But if you were to imply to him that the modern Democratic party was similar to his thoughts he would have brained you like Preston Brooks.

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