B.F. Skinner totally geeks out over the box he built for his baby


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  1. Medievalist

    When people start talking about "Skinner's box" it's often hard to tell whether they are talking about this incubator (a la Tarnier), the operant conditioning chamber, or the big yellow sense-dep thing in his lab that he liked to nap in.

  2. micah

    Step 1: Cut a hole in the box.
    Step 2: Put your kid in the boxxx...

  3. maggiekb

    What I don't understand is the vitriol about Skinner being wrong on some things. I mean, it's not like Chomsky hasn't had his share of theories that haven't panned out as well as he might of hoped. Being wrong is part of being a scientist.

  4. tomchaps

    I spent a few months doing research for my dissertation at the University of Akron's Center for the History of Psychology. They specialize in collecting the physical apparatuses used, and as a result I was able to take my notes with Skinner's Baby Box on one side and the Milgram "shock generator" on the other.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't in when Deborah stopped by to see the box and reminisce about her (positive) memories...

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