Simpsons character to die

They're going to kill off an "iconic" character. Bets?

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  1. [Insert joke about the entire show dying years ago]

  2. ee0r says:

    Agree. There have been news articles about how this once "humorous" stereotype is now outdated like the Italian grocer and Irish policeman of my youth. In a way, it's too bad since Apu is a positive character in many ways except for the racist portrayal. Maybe he could just receive a head injury or something and wake up without the accent?

  3. Falcor says:

  4. KarlS says:

    That's who I thought of, too. He is just played out. His appearances have become ridiculously self-referential even by Simpsons standards. A reasonably well-written death is probably the best thing left to do with him.

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