TIL: There are studies that suggest new babies really do smell different, and seem to trigger special brain chemical pathways in women. But, simultaneously, the smells we more consciously associate with "new baby" — i.e., the new baby smell used in baby products and baby-fresh scents — varies widely by culture. Make of this what you will.

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  1. Seki

    I never, ever could smell 'baby smell' on other people's babies. I only discovered it when I had my daughter and it is very intense, as if her whole head is one of those air fresheners that spray every few minutes. It's lovely; a hard-to-define mix of the scent right before it rains, vanilla and something a bit like ripe strawberries. It's not just true for new babies though. She's 3 and I still smell it, though it waxes and wanes more now.

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