Entrepreneurs in NYC charge $20 to peek at Banksy stencil

Savvy East New Yorkers Now Charging $20 To See The Banksy

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  1. I want to wake up in that city
    That doesn't sleep
    And find I'm king of the hill
    Top of the heap

    etc etc etc

    If I can make it there
    You know, I'm gonna make it just about anywhere

  2. Hmm, get them some suits, a lawyer, and a Delaware corporation that mysteriously books all its revenue through an uninhabited office in Bermuda, and suddenly a couple of thugs become 'Content Providers' employing an innovative conditional access module to monetize access to premium content.

    Do you think they need an analytics provider?

  3. Is there any doubt that this and the painted-over stencil are part of the act?

  4. Here's the kicker: that guy is Banksy.

  5. If not, fuck that asshole.

    As an artist, I'm so tired of people who don't "give a fuck about" my art unless it can make money for them. Also, the ones who will only buy a piece if you'll come over and clean out their garage for them or something similar, as if what I do isn't really work.

    As much as the real estate business sucks, bless the agents who love to rent art from independent artists to put on the walls when they're showing property.

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