Report: Many older buildings in L.A. could collapse in a big earthquake

It's tempting to go all, "Thanks, Captain Obvious!" on this Los Angeles Times investigative report, but seriously: If a big earthquake hits Los Angeles, many of the city's older concrete buildings would very likely collapse, very likely killing very large numbers of people inside them. "The city has rejected calls to make a list of concrete buildings at risk of collapsing in a major quake, but a Times analysis finds there could be more than 1,000 — many of them homes and offices." The interactive map is interesting. []

Notable Replies

  1. I suspect that cross-referencing a list of 'construction/last major renovation' dates with a list of building code upgrade times could make for depressing reading.

  2. I think that was the one I felt in southwestern Ontario. Really freaky when you've never experienced an earthquake before.

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