Excellent Photoshoppery: 'If Popular Books Had Clickbait Titles'

College Humor really knocked it out of the park with this gallery of great book covers remade as clickbaity blog post titles.

Notable Replies

  1. I wish they had one that referred to "this one weird trick."

    Otherwise, excellent.

  2. He's dating WHOM?!?

    ETA: Sorry scratcheee, not meant to reply to you. My kingdom for OLD BB COMMENTS SYSTEM.

  3. I'm glad to see CollegeHumor getting some notice on BoingBoing. They don't seem to get a lot of respect, but they have some seriously talented writers and comedians. And they seem to have dropped the sexist stuff they used to have to the right of their main content.

  4. Is 60 - looks 30.
    Plastic surgeons are furious.
    Learn the one weird trick a British fop discovered to hide ALL the signs of aging.

  5. IMB says:

    Click the top reply. I make that mistake too.

    (Buzzfeed List) Books too hot to read-Fahrenheit 451
    (Jezebel) Is this Slut-shaming?-The Scarlet Letter
    (TMZ) Plastic surgery or good genes? -The Picture of Dorian Gray

    and of course,
    (BoingBoing/Gaurdian) Snowden releases reveal all encompassing spying-1984

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