Mexican drug lord assassinated by killer clowns


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  1. rocketpj

    Well, that confirms my suspicions any time I am in the same room as a clown. Can't trust those fuckers.

  2. Mitch_M1

    How can people even enjoy the profit from their drug enterprise knowing that they are terrible human beings who would traumatize little children in the process of taking a human life over a business rivalry? Just last night I gave a free ride back home to a girl whose card was declined and who was not allowed into the club I took her to because she was high on pills and fell down. I hate not making enough money when I work but I just could not leave someone stranded in the cold. Some things are more important than money. So how have these people strayed so far from basic regard or other human beings?

  3. Daemonworks

    The motive for the attack and the gunmen's disguise are under investigation

    Might take a while to narrow that one down. Mexican drug lords aren't exactly known for having a large number of people who want them to stay alive.

  4. Ken_Murphy

    God dammit... 18 months of coulrophobia treatment undone in one boingboing post.

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