Texas's "texting judge" resigns, admitting she texted instructions to prosecutors

Third generation Texas judge Elizabeth E. Coker has resigned just ahead of being investigated for misconduct; she admits that she texted instructions to prosecutors in order to help them convict the defendants whose cases she heard. She also is accused of other indiscretions, including meeting with jurors and attempting to influence them to convict defendants. The State Commission on Judicial Conduct suggests that she lied to them as well, perjuring herself. She's out of a job, but apparently will face no criminal or civil sanctions for her crimes; nor will the victims whose trials she perverted be freed.

“…the Commission investigated claims that Judge Coker allegedly engaged in other improper ex parte communications and meetings with Jones, other members or the Polk County District Attorney’s Office, the San Jacinto County District Attorney, and certain defense attorneys regarding various cases pending in her court; Judge Coker allegedly exhibited a bias in favor of certain attorneys and a prejudice against others in both her judicial rulings and her court appointments: and .Judge Coker allegedly met with jurors in an inappropriate manner, outside the presence of counsel, while the jurors were deliberating in one or more criminal trials;”

The agreement, signed by Coker on October 19, further suggests the Committee believes she committed additional indiscretions during the course of their highly publicized investigation.

“…the Commission also expressed concerns that Judge Coker discussed the Commission’s investigation and Judge Coker’s written responses to the investigation with a material witness prior to that witness’ testimony before the Commission in an apparent attempt to influence that witness, and that the judge may not have been candid and truthful in her testimony before the Commission when questioned about her contact with the witness;”

Texting Judge Not LOL– Coker is OUT!

Notable Replies

  1. IMB says:

    No offense to the fine citizenry, but it was not a shock to hear this about slanted prosecution occurring in the state of Texas, land of the fast track death penalty.

    Also, how is it that a state which purports to be tough on crime has not charged this judge with a crime? At least jury tampering?

  2. So what do you have to do as a Texas judge to face actual penalties? Smoke a reefer on the bench?

  3. Maybe skipping church would get the ball rolling.

  4. IRMO says:

    New Mexico's state motto: "Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right."

  5. So her list of crimes include

    • Giving instructions to prosecutors in order to help them convict defendants
    • Meeting with jurors to convince them to convict defendants
    • Prejudicial treatment toward attorneys and court appointments
    • Attempting to influence witnesses
    • Perjury

    And somehow the media chose to focus on TEXTING?

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