Google ordered to block images of Max Mosley "Nazi Orgy"

Max Mosley, former Formula 1 chief and son of Britain's most famous fascist politician, is seemingly addicted to the Streisand Effect: for years he's been trying to wipe something about him from the collective media consciousness, thereby ensuring that it is never far from it.

A French court on Wednesday ruled that Google must remove from its search results photos of a former Formula One racing chief participating in an orgy. Max Mosley, one-time president of the International Automobile Federation, sued Google in 2011, requesting that the company automatically filter links to a 2008 British newspaper report that included photos and a video of Mosley participating in a Nazi-themed sex party.

Google must now filter out nine images of the event from its search results in France.

Good luck to you, Mr. Mosley.

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  1. Great, frothing sprays of Santorum! Will they ever learn?
    (I hope not)

  2. IRMO says:

    And remember, nobody ever asked to be tied to a bed and whipped by someone dressed as a liberal.

  3. miasm says:

    Of all the stupid shit associated with this story I find myself still taken aback at the sheer, mind-numbing, effort of will it must have taken to summon this little gem of cognitive-dissonance:

    "It's a fair decision," Clara Zerbib, a Parisian lawyer who represented Mosley, told the Times. "This case isn't about censoring information, but about complying with French law."

  4. It's like Jesus said, "Let he who has not donned a swastika and let a group of white supremacists place him in testicle restraints whilst shoving a dildo up his ass throw the first stone."

  5. But you see, this is where it gets complicated.
    He went to court to suppress images that were "characterized" by NOTW as Nazi-themed, and were never intended to see the light of day.
    I have a brother, an immediate relation by blood, who regularly spouts thinly-veiled racist crap about African-Americans and President Obama in mixed company. I thoroughly loathe him and his ideals, and have disowned him.
    Due to the question of the links to Mosley's father's past -- does the fact that I have dated a couple of African-American women necessarily have to have any specific relation to my issues with my brother, whether seemingly submissively sympathetic or apologist? I think not. I cared for these women outright, not due to some suppressed guilt or obsession with their culture.

    If it's simply an issue of "face value" images, why aren't films like The Night Porter or Salo (the 120 Days of Sodom) still banned?
    What about adult couples who engage in Teacher/Student or Parent/Child sex play? Does this necessarily make them pedophiles? They are not actively engaging in pedophilia, so how is it our place to say they are pedophiles without explicit evidence? Does this mean because Mosley was engaged in sex play that impersonated Nazi incarceration (again, never intended for public consumption), he truly believed in what the Nazis stood for? We may never know.

    I'm not passing a verdict on whether Mosley is guilty or not. I'm simply saying that we're often as bad, and need to stop with the "sanctimonious" act that we internet sleuths seem so bent on portraying, because we're heading into the territory of thoughtcrime.

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