Washington Post columnist on "repressing gag reflex" at interracial marriage

The Washington Post's Richard Cohen has a reputation for saying weird, confusing things about race. For example, one recent column suggested that it took until very recently for him to realize why slavery was bad. For those who wondered if this was a) parochial cluelessness run amok or b) racism tentatively speaking its mind, your answer is now in.

Cohen is vile, the way it's evasively projected onto "conventional" people is vile, and it's damning that the Post would choose to publish this.

Notable Replies

  1. What in the actual fuck? I cannot believe that was written in an actual newspaper that uses actual reporters.

    Of course, I'm pretty sure the "conventional views" people are going to be freaked out that we let the blacks, Chinese, and even the Irish ride in the same subway cars with the white women.

  2. Maybe it's just a ham-fisted way of saying that he finds them sexy.

  3. Cohen's describing the so-called "conventional views" of the GOP's conservative base. I didn't necessarily read this as his personal view. But given his odd way of saying things, I can understand how this would be taken that way.

    He's an honest writer, you can say that much for sure...

  4. drengy says:

    For those outraged (as I was): Please go read the entire piece before reacting. That's not the writer's view of interracial marriage, he's describing an ideal expoused by some cultural conservatives. It probably could have been written better.

  5. So to not gag at inter-racial marriage you need to have unconventional views? And that isn't offensive?

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