Jean-Claude Van Damme does the splits. Between reversing trucks.


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  1. peregrinus_bis

    Now has anyone seen Ong Bak with Tony Jaa? There's a scene that stands out in my top 3 martial arts moments on screen, just jaw-dropping, simple, elegant and astonishing.

  2. peregrinus_bis

    I'll try and track them down (here in the UK, before LoveFilm was bought out by sodding Amazon and blew their entire sodding budget on Dumbo + co, they curated an eclectic mix of cheaply licensed films from all over - I can picture the roving John Cusack / Rob Gordon characters taking paid trips out East) -

    But Thailand, Korea (not the Norks), Indonesia, Philippines so far. Sri Lanka and India have a bunch too, but I find them a bit dripping in hero worship; whereas the more SE Asian versions emphasise tough simple heroics.

    They have incredibly talented martial artists, make the California Crew look a little silly (though JCVD would doubtlessly dominate). They've synthesised everything they grew up on - Bruce, Jackie, all the Hong Kong bunch, the lot, into a really on-screen effective form of dopamine.

    So you guys know the scene I'm talking about??

    Edit: Merantau Warrior, see and I'm guessing it has other countries too

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