Rob Ford gives staff $5,000 taxpayer dollars each to stay on

As the career of Toronto Mayor Rob "Laughable Bumblefuck" Ford continues to circle the drain, he's circling the wagons. He's offered all of his staffers $5,000 taxpayer-funded raises to stay on. For a guy who got into office claiming he'd "end the gravy train," the guy sure is a one-man gravy train -- he's also promised to use taxpayer dollars to fight the motions in council that stripped him of his powers.

Sources confirmed to the Toronto Sun that Ford gave every member of his mayor’s office staff $5,000 raises on Friday before council stripped him of his powers.

It’s a surprising taxpayer-funded pay hike given Ford’s penny-pinching persona but it is part of a growing list of surprises that have rocked Toronto municipal politics the last few weeks.

Despite admitting he’s smoked crack cocaine, bought illegal drugs in the last two years, “might have” driven drunk, was “hammered” out in public and held a boozy “out-of-control” party in the mayor’s office on St. Patrick’s Day 2012, Ford has refused calls to quit.

Mayor Rob Ford's week one for the books [Don Peat/Toronto Sun]

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  1. Swift-footed, many-minded, defender of his people, even winedark, are all taken, alas.

    But it's worth noting that Homer uses the epithet loose-tongued for Thersites, his hate-spewing, nasty, mean-old-so-and-so Greek warrior, who's a figure of fun and opprobrium in the Iliad, and who seems a rough analogue for Hizzoner Ford, who certainly talks a lot, and whose tongue is the subject of many a news report. I think we have a match!

  2. bzishi says:

    You have to give credit to the mayor. He was elected to stop the gravy train. The problem is that he stopped it right outside of city hall.

  3. angusm says:

    Canadian reality TV is much better than the stuff we get in the US. The showrunners must be geniuses. I can't wait to see what happens in next week's episode.

  4. And that would be justice, if "the voters" were a single bloc-voting hivemind.

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