Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone," new interactive music video


C1597e5626be979ba5c0b2b7feea8efbThe new interactive, faux channel-surfing video for Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone", created by Vania Heymann, is quite an accomplishment. I think it's the best interactive music video since Chris Milk's Chrome masterpiece "The Wilderness Downtown" for Arcade Fire's song "We Used To Wait" in 2010. The interactive "Like A Rolling Stone" coincides with the new "Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1," available as a box set of 46 CDs or as a limited edition USB key inside a harmonica.

Bob Dylan: "Like A Rolling Stone" interactive music video

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  1. pilot says:

    Man, you guys are all cynics, yikes. It's a pretty amazing video on the production value alone. It's not "irony" you're looking for, it's context. Each video—a representation of our media culture—gives the song a different and sometimes new meaning. It's a wholly different experience to watch Danny Brown in an old school style hip hop video synced to the song than it is from watching it juxtaposed with The Price is Right. The latter emphasizes the angry protest against greed and capitalism, and the former emphasizes the protagonist's struggle to just get by in life. One makes the song a cutting commentary on capitalism's mechanics, the other on what it does to people.

    The same goes for the vapidness of some of the other channels versus the "news" angles. That's not even mentioning how each video is also rife with homage, such as the guitar the Pawn Stars guys are selling, or the Danny Brown silhouette meant to evoke the infamous Dylan one.

    Even if you don't buy all that, it's just cool to watch.

  2. Phyto says:

    All y'all so upset about this, you're the same people who were angry that he want electric, aren't you?

  3. Looking at all of Life with a critical eye is not always a sign of anger. For me, being hyper critical of some things is a kind of quality control and a way to keep well-meaning cultural crooks from co-opting my time with lousy Bob Dylan interactive videos.

    If we as money-using consumers don't watch out, the Dylan camp will be foisting Lady Gaga "Blonde On Blonde" disco re-mixes on us. Vigilance is its own reward!

  4. I loved it! What a clever idea. I'm totally fascinated with this concept. I don't have a TV because I dislike everything about television but imagine how cool it would be if whatever channel you turned to, people were singing the same iconic song. That might make TV worth watching!

    Best of all, it's made me rediscover a fantastic song that I haven't thought of for ages. Thanks for posting this!

  5. This is just fantastic. And I agree, it is irony in its purest sense. Knowing what the song meant decades ago, the anger and the potential revolution it symbolized, and mixing it with nowadays TV imagery, the idea of perverting dreams - it is like saying: the American Dream could have been this song, instead of all these idiotic TV shows. And at the same time, in all its ambiguity, it's like declaring: we could all still be saying these exact words, if we only dared. And it gives you the power to change a channel, to edit the clip as you go on, discovering different metaphoric meanings as you progress... an absolute masterpiece.

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