Canadians save shark from choking to death on moose

A Greenland shark found beached on Nov. 16. (CBC/Derrick Chaulk)

A tragedy was averted in Newfoundland when two men rescued an 8-foot-long Greenland shark that had managed to both partially beach itself and get a 2-foot-long hunk of moose lodged in its mouth. The men pulled the moose bits free and then towed the shark back into deeper water. The shark survived and, hopefully, learned some valuable lessons about hubris.

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  1. IRMO says:

    So this is how Canadians celebrate Shark Week.

  2. Break for Moose. It WILL save your life.

  3. I hate it when people intervene with natural selection. I mean, how are sharks supposed to learn not to eat moose if people keep saving them?

  4. They were saving us from the evolution of Land Sharks... Thank you Canada!

  5. My sister choked to death on a møøse once. No, realli!

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