RIP, Richard "Datamancer" Nagy

Very sad news today: Steampunk pioneer and virtuoso maker Richard "Datamancer" Nagy has died, apparently in a car accident in California. Richard's work was nothing short of spectacular (we'd featured it repeatedly over many years) and he was especially known for his keyboards (I'm privileged to own one). Richard was kind, a good friend to many, and gave generously of his time to mentor and support his fellow artists, many of whom came to steampunk through their exposure to Richard's work.

The world is a much, much poorer place without Richard in it. Details about Richard's final arrangements are still sketchy, but I will post as they become available, as well as any information about supporting his family and any nominated charities for memorial donations.

Notable Replies

  1. Holy.... Him and Van Slatt are the reason I found a forum I'd been frequenting for the better part of a decade now. Can't say I knew the guy but still. Sadness.

  2. same here. He is why I build steampunk'd cases here in Tokyo. Stupid cars.

  3. A goddamned shame, we exchanged e-mails a while back when I was building a keyboard and he was incredibly helpful all the way along. A great, great guy.

  4. I haven't commented here in quite awhile. I created this login just to say that I am deeply saddened by this. He was an incredible maker, a charismatic and all around wonderful person. He inspired me, and I think he also generally pushed the 'maker culture' forward in ways that nobody else had.

    I will miss him greatly.

  5. Sad, really sad. He sold me on steampunk when I first thought it was just another silly idea. But his work was original, and it was art.

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