Not Playing Podcast 003: the wild, wonderful world of Weird Al’s 1989 cult hit, UHF

In each episode of Not Playing, Lex and Dan watch movies they've never seen. There are two versions of each episode available: the capsule version where you can listen to their thoughts before and after they watch the movie, and the longer, full commentary-track episodes so you can watch the movies along with Lex and Dan.

This week, Lex leads Dan through the wonderful world of Weird Al via his 1989 cult classic, UHF. Hot topics include kitchen accessories, paragons of acting, and the surprising curriculum vitae of Weird Al Yankovic.

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Notable Replies

  1. A fun movie, funner the younger you were when you first saw it, but worth a watch. As they mention, the ad for Spatula City is the finest moment.

  2. Eksrae says:


  3. bibulb says:

    The Spouse has long held that, just as we used to (still do, but you know what I mean) have Rocky Horror audience participation midnight movies, we need to have the same for UHF. Everyone shows up with Twinkie Wiener Sandwich fixin's, in costumes, shouts along with "YOU SO STUPID!" - I think this NEEDS to happen.

    (I want the same for Buckaroo Banzai, for that matter.)

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