"Duon" is just a new name for something we already knew about


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  1. mtdna

    I'm really sorry! My sarcasm didn't come through. Maggie is an excellent science journalist and I always look forward to her posts. I was responding to the ridiculous hypocrisy of the first poster simultaneously agreeing with a science journalist (Maggie) and claiming the media (Maggie by association) are completely science illiterate.

    I would further disagree with the first post by saying I think science journalism these days is actually really good. It might not be evident in the daily papers and tv news, but tons is available if you look around even the tiniest bit. I like PhysOrg.com, Space.com, and New York Times online. Some magazines, like Scientific American and New Scientist, have free stuff. There's way more available than when I was a kid interested in science.

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