Female protestor who kissed riot policeman's helmet charged with sexual assault

Don't make fun of power.

"Franco Maccari, the Secretary General of Coisp, the Italian police officers' union, said during an interview on Radio24 that he had pressed charges against the demonstrator who kissed an officer's helmet. The kiss took place during a protest march against controversial plans for a new high-speed TAV train line. He explained that if it had happened the other way round, with a police officer kissing a protestor, 'World War Three would have broken out.'"

Won't someone protect the police from kisses?

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  1. John_A says:

    Also I have actually had some fairly positive interactions with protestors. We had what could have been "counter-protesters" at TABD, really just a couple of loud mouthed frat boys. They were insinuating that they were on "our side." I had to explain that we didn't have a side and were there just as much to preserve the first ammendment rights and safety of the protesters as we were to make sure that the miniscule minority in their ranks that would resort to criminal damage to property or violence were kept in check. Frat boys baffled, protesters amused.

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