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  1. Nonentity

    Her reputation was tarred by what she said in a public forum, not by the "mob". The only thing the "mob" is doing here is reacting to what she said by pointing it out to other people.

    It would be a different matter if people were doxxing or swatting her (and I really hope no one stoops that low). Stalking her plane flight is pushing the boundaries a bit. But otherwise, it doesn't really look like anyone's damaging her except by saying "look at these things this person has said." As a PR person, it's part of the job description to deal with that kind of thing.

  2. beschizza

    I think others have addressed it all quite well! But I was asked a question, so...

    You think that a racially-insensitive PR executive's public quip about AIDS in Africa is "fairly banal", and you "frankly don't care", yet you do think that mocking the utterer is "deplorable", a self-righteous and self-entitled witch hunt. It even makes you feel ill.

    Well, here's what I'm thinking! I think that a lot of people do care about it, and that making fun of public acts of privileged stupidity does make a difference. It helps diffusely, in how it influences the culture of discussion, and directly, in that people see it and pledge. All contrary to your cynical and revealing suggestion that "you and I do nothing to help those people."

    All that voluble disappointment, all these "you should be better than that" pieties. Has that ever once worked with us? Does it ever work with anyone?

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